fejlec GUIDE

Adrienn Jakab


I was born and grew up in the tourism business.

I studied at the West Hungarian University and got my degree at the Tourism-Catering Faculty in 2009. I have been working at a travel agency where I am organising and reserving group travels in the incoming and outgoing tourism branch as well.

I received my registered professional guide licence in 2009. Since then this is my full time job, my hobby and my passion!

I regularly escort groups or individual visitors in Hungary, North-west Transdanubia or in and around Budapest! I live in Tata, which is just 40 min away from Budapest, so it’s easy to hire me as a local guide!

I am proud of that I can be the local regional representative tourist guide in North-west Transdanubia, Hungary (posted by The National Tourist Guide Directory /OIC/ ).

I provide sightseeing tours in English and German.

I travel with groups in Europe as tour leader as well. Since 2013 I have been working regularly with english speaking groups as well (from England, USA, Canada) for educational or for cultural tours. These tours are ususally 10 days long, contain many countries and different programs.

Being a tourist guide is the favourite part of my work. I love to show my groups around beautiful places, help immerse them in different cultures, and create opportunities to reflect. I love playing a part in providing them with unique experiences.