fejlec GUIDE

Péter Jakab


I have been working in tourism since 1991. I got my degree in catering and tourism and I received my tourist guide lisence in 1986. In the 1990s I worked as a hotel manager and director, so guiding was in those years my part-time job. After the catering-period in my life, nowadays I spend my weeks in tourism for pleasure.

From the beginnings I had a lot of groups from abroad, and I guided them in the whole of Hungary both in English and German. It is very important for me to give a good impression of our country to visitors.

I live in Sopron, I am specialized to the North-west part of Hungary.

However I travel a lot with groups to Europe, through many countries as a group leader.

Throughout the years I have gained lots of experience in the profession of guiding, I have travelled a lot and got acquainted with the most visited European cities. Usually I personally help groups to create an ideal programme or cultural round-trip. For me one of the most significant points of guiding is to create a good group community, maintain the interests of the people, and guarantee the reserved programme.